Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 3 updates

Creature Design Canis Lupus study
Adv. Perspective week 2 Geisha
HL Far
HL Close
Okay. Last week's perspective turn to a last minutes work. These two classes made me enjoy this semester so far. 13 more weeks to go. Fighting!
Thanks for viewing guys.


  1. keep it up bo!, great stuff.. love the last perspective assignment.. i feel her pain!

  2. Fantastic work Bo! the geisha girl with the sword is really powerful man.

  3. Nice work Cowman. Just be careful not to use the tree brush like a stamp tool. You wanna layer that brush and make it subtle. Thats my only feed back.

  4. Its good to see that I'm not the only one being busy to death. Nice work, keep it up and I added you on my blogspot ^^

  5. @Desiree: Thanks Thanks.
    @Brie: BRIEEEEEE thanks.
    @Leo: Leo hows your semester going?
    @Kike:Thanks Bro! I'll keep that in mind.
    @Leann: Hope we can survive!!!!

  6. whooaa that last one is soo bad asss

  7. @Tim: Thank You TIM!! Love your quick studies!
    @Ricky: Wow Thanks Ricky
    @Kike:Yes boss.

  8. A guy's sloating his troat is my Fav one!