Monday, November 1, 2010

Painter quick skethches

I finally managed to start my digital paintings. But I need more time to play with the tablet and all the programs. Here are some of my very first painter quick sketches which i did for the past week. Hope you guys like them.
Thanks for viewing~

Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to Blogger after 5 years^^ welcome back~

Being lazy for the past few years...
I'd been using Blogger for 3 years but somehow I deleted that account 5 years ago...
I don't know why I start a new one (damn.! cos all my friends are using this #$^& and theirs look awesome!)
Anyway, I'll try my best to make mine great 2^^

I'll only post new works that I've done recently here (cos all the old works SUCKs!)
Hope you guys give me comments on my works especially critics.
I swear I'll take them seriously!!!
Hoho my laziness stops me from typing anymore bull%^&*.

A few paintings I did during the summer break down below...

B-day present to AliceMy second landscape from a photo reference (first one looks bad)