Friday, February 11, 2011

2011 Spring week 1 updates

Adv. perspective
HL passing head
HL passing middle
HL passing Feet

Creature Deisign

Thanks for viewing guys


  1. David Colman like this idea and he pushed to a higher level in his crit. Spending too much time on my adv. this week. Kinda feel guilty now.

  2. Love the HL passing feet. Nice rhythm, comp, and VIOLENCE! Looking forward to the rest of your semesters work Bo. Oh Yeah the Monkey is awesome.

  3. the passing feet that one is sick. love it.

  4. Thanks Kike. I hope you feel much better now. And I'll try my best to learn as much as i can in this semester.

  5. Ty Neiko, i may still fix all of them since joko gave me lots of useful crtis.