Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week 9 update

Wooohoo! Another week is gone. I struggled a lot for the past week. Too stressed to produce many pieces. Special thanks to my teacher Mr. David Colman for his great encouragement and critiques. I'm working on my story this coming week and I may ask some of my friends to give me comments for my little "epic story". Having fun view my work guys. Thanks for visiting.

Adv. perspective
Greek Myth

"Cursed Return"
Hera and Zeus

"Failure of A Father"
Daedalus and Icarus

"Forever Stay"
Hades and Persephone, and ofc the cutey fiery Kraken

Creature Design

Bull study

Feel free to leave a comment. Help me get better Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.


  1. sWEEET Bison Bison!

    I'm diggin' it!

  2. I really like how you painted your Bison, and I always love your little comic versions of the creature you draw.

    I liked also your perspective stuff from last week, however hope you don't mind me asking what Hades is holding?

  3. 感觉很棒~!喜欢第二和第三张~下学期我跟段纸一起选~

  4. sooo sick! loving the first two!

  5. Ooo.. New Post! Obviously a follower ;), Love all of them but especially like the first one! great colors!

  6. @chibi: Thanks for your great support and I'm still figuring out a way to make you sad:( jk
    @Leann: It's just a cup,and glad to have you in my class too
    @Yating: You guys must be prepared!!! Glad you like those!
    @Neiko: No more depression! really thank you!
    @Deiree: I'll do colorjunks in summer i promise! hahaha :)