Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to Blogger after 5 years^^ welcome back~

Being lazy for the past few years...
I'd been using Blogger for 3 years but somehow I deleted that account 5 years ago...
I don't know why I start a new one (damn.! cos all my friends are using this #$^& and theirs look awesome!)
Anyway, I'll try my best to make mine great 2^^

I'll only post new works that I've done recently here (cos all the old works SUCKs!)
Hope you guys give me comments on my works especially critics.
I swear I'll take them seriously!!!
Hoho my laziness stops me from typing anymore bull%^&*.

A few paintings I did during the summer break down below...

B-day present to AliceMy second landscape from a photo reference (first one looks bad)


  1. Very nice, Bo!

    Just a little problems on 1st and 2nd one, the proportion or the position or something hmmmmmmmmm...

  2. These are great! and... FINALLY! :P

    I agree about the proportions on the 1st one. I wish you can work on the flower a bit more. I love the skin colors on the 2nd and 3rd portraits :)

  3. Finally Bo. I think these paintings are a good progress from what i saw you doing before the break. he landscape piece looks nice and calm. Nice way of using different brush stroke and textures. The figures are cool too, but maybe add more color variety to your figures next time. Thats all i got for now. Please upload more, if you don't i'll beat you up.

  4. Thank you guys so so much~~
    To Tee & Jamie: Thanks for point that out. I didn't realize till you guys said.I'll keep that in mind.

    To Kike:Dude, I can't believe you made such a positive comment on my works. Bo is so happy~~ actually I'm struggling with my color palette now, I'll definitely keep trying~~

    Great to have you guys here~~

  5. These are lovely Bo! Post more! :)

  6. so good!!!! like the last 2 the most!!!! you are so awesome!

  7. these are freakin badd ass, you're so delicate with this medium.. in thumbnail form i almost thought these were watercolors, awesome stuff!!

  8. Thanks for the support everybody :)